Past, Present and Future

This past week has been a pleasant reminder of the life cycle. Last Friday IBA played host to our “Golden Guild,” a group of retired bankers who gather annually to share memories, renew friendships and enjoy lunch together. Several of our Golden Guild members have entered the phase of life in which they are selling their homes and moving into assisted living facilities, or at least beginning the search.

On Saturday I had the privilege of attending the wedding of IBA Government Relations Assistant Josh Myers to his beautiful bride Vanessa. They are starting their lives together with a honeymoon, later to be followed, I imagine, by talks of buying a home and starting a family.

I look at the veteran bankers who set a firm foundation for the industry, and then at Josh and the other young men and women who work on behalf of banking. I am confident that our future is in good hands.

Most readers of this blog are neither retirees nor 20-somethings, but instead somewhere in between. Personally I am closer to the Golden Guild than to young folks contemplating their first homes. At whatever phase we are in, though, we can all be proud of our accomplishments past, present and future.

It is important to step back occasionally and honestly evaluate our successes and failures. Despite the last few years of financial crisis, you will readily see the many triumphs of this industry. Look at the businesses that you have financed, which in turn created jobs and economic vitality for your marketplace. Consider the families you have helped by financing life’s milestones—homes, education, autos, etc. And don’t overlook the savings and retirement programs that ease your customers into their golden years.

You provide the services that touch all lives, in all phases. That is the legacy of the Golden Guild members and their predecessors. It is the foundation we provide to young professionals like Josh. We work through all phases of life to help others through their life changes. As your customers’ lives change, you are there to ensure that they change for the better.

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