Common Traits of Uncommon Leaders

Guest blog by Laura Wilson, IBA Vice President-Communications

They come from various sizes and types of financial institutions—some large, some small, but all community-focused. Some work in spacious offices, others in humble surroundings, but they all love to work. Some are relatively young, others have decades of experience, but all are mission-driven.

These are the leaders of the Indiana banking community, and it is my privilege to interview and write about them for Hoosier Banker magazine. Though their circumstances vary, these Indiana bankers share common traits that make them anything but common:

  1. They love what they do, working long hours with energy and passion.
  2. They care deeply about the people they work with—often referring to them as family—and are equally committed to the communities they serve.
  3. They have keen vision, with remarkable insight into motivating staff—balanced by look-ahead views for navigating into the future.
  4. They recognize the tipping point between preparation and action: As decision-makers, they gather the best of information, evaluate it, consult with trusted advisers, and then act with confidence.
  5. They are positive forces, energized by what can be done, rather than discouraged by what cannot.

Though the character strengths above apply to effective leaders in all walks of life, how lucky for Indiana that exemplary leaders abound in our banking community. How lucky for Indiana, and how lucky for me, personally, to have the honor to interview these Hoosier bankers—some of the finest people I have ever met.

About the author: Laura Wilson, IBA Vice President-Communications, is responsible for print and electronic communications of the Association, plus media relations. A graduate of Northwestern University, she joined the IBA in 1987 and thoroughly enjoys her work, especially writing about the Indiana banking community.

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