Key Ingredients

Guest blog by Rod Lasley, IBA Member Services Representative

My wife Tammy loves to cook and, lucky for me, she especially loves to bake. One of my favorites is her mouthwatering sugar cream pie. To make it, she blends flour, sugar, heavy cream and vanilla; pours the mixture into a pie shell; then carefully sets the pie in the oven.  If she leaves out just one ingredient, the final product will not taste right, and may not even be edible. It is crucial to include every ingredient, at top quality, to create an outstanding success.

The IBA is much like that sugar cream pie. Our success relies on quality ingredients—in our case, the bankers of Indiana. We need each bank to be involved in some area in order to produce an outstanding and successful Association. Many of you have long been involved with the IBA, and we thank you. For those who have not been active, I encourage you to begin.

The IBA has many opportunities for involvement or volunteerism. We offer several committees that address all areas of banking—Agricultural Lending, Bank Security, Commercial Lending, Compliance, Financial Management, Government Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations & Technology, Retail Lending and Trust. Committee guidance makes it possible for IBA staff to fulfill various banker needs, including educational offerings, the Annual Convention, the Mega Conference, and products and services. As a bonus, members who serve on committees benefit by networking with their peers and by satisfying a requirement of the Five Star Member program.

Indiana banks have weathered many economic challenges in recent years. To help our members continue to overcome challenges in the future, IBA is committed to providing an environment in which banks can succeed. By engaging quality banker involvement, we can produce a first-class final product … just like Tammy’s sugar cream pie!

About the author: As Member Services Representative, Rod Lasley visits all IBA members to discuss their needs, and explore ways that Association offerings can address those needs. Rod joined the IBA in 2009 after prior service as president and CEO of North Salem State Bank. During his bank tenure, he was a member of the IBA board of directors and past president of the IBA Future Leadership Division. Rod is a graduate of DePauw University.

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