Thoughtful Choices

Last weekend I spent an hour watching my nine-year-old grandson play football. At nine years of age, the game of football is: Run the ball, run the ball, run the ball … punt. Occasionally someone breaks the big play for a score.

As I watched these youngsters in their helmets and pads scurrying all over the field, it occurred to me that some of them will soon be playing on a high school team, a couple may play in college and, once in a great while, a player makes it to the pros. Throughout this journey, they will all be under the tutelage of parents, grandparents, siblings, peers and coaches. Good coaches, we hope.

As bankers watch the increasing stream of regulations flow from the Dodd-Frank Act, I expect they will have that same wide-eyed innocence as those scurrying nine-year-olds.

And, like those nine-year-olds, bankers will grow in their understanding of the new regulations and in their ability to master compliance with them. Additionally there will be consultants and peers to help them learn and grow. The Indiana Bankers Association continues to work toward developing tools to help the banking community shorten the learning curve.

I anticipate that some banks will determine that they cannot deal with this amount of change and will seek a buyer or partners. My hope is that every banker looks at the resources that are available. If a banker decides to sell or to partner with another, let it be a thoughtful choice—made because the banker believes it is in the best interest of customers, staff, shareholders and community—and not a default decision brought on by regulation.

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