In Good Hands

Last week the Indiana Bankers Association hosted its Annual Convention at a new venue, the Blue Chip Casino Hotel Spa in Michigan City. Our host city provided a beautiful backdrop for the Convention.

One year ago, we held our Convention at the French Lick Springs Resort, where we intend to return next year. The timing of last year’s event—on the heels of the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act and its signing by President Obama—cast something of a pall over the Convention. In response, this year IBA was determined to focus on opportunities and to accentuate the positive. I doubt that our goal was met 100 percent, but certainly the mood of speakers and attendees was lightened.

Much of the credit for recognizing the need to be positive and forward-looking came from IBA’s board of directors, particularly its leadership. I have often spoken of the difference between management and leadership. Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. IBA has a long history of outstanding management, and our current board—ready and willing to take risks and do the right things—is providing stellar leadership.

This year’s board is being chaired by David Geis, president and CEO of Jackson County Bank, Seymour. Dave is a seasoned banker who hit the ground running and has not stopped. His valuable leadership is to be followed by a man cut from the same cloth: Pat Glotzbach, president and CEO of New Washington State Bank, Charlestown. Pat was elected to take the chairman’s position on Jan. 1, 2012. His speech at the chairman’s banquet was part vision, part cheerleader, part manager … and all leader!

IBA and its members will need heavy doses of all of these traits, as the regulations from the Dodd-Frank Act are promulgated and enforced. Fortunately we have the right leaders lined up. Joining these two gentlemen are Jim Marcuccilli, president and CEO of STAR Financial Bank in Fort Wayne, and Dave Heeter, CEO of MutualBank in Muncie. IBA and its members are truly blessed to have these leaders in place at this pivotal point in banking’s history.

One Response to In Good Hands

  1. Dave Geis says:

    Thanks for the great article (blog) and the kudos to the IBA board and leadership from Joe!

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