Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. This annual holiday symbolizes much more than a bountiful feast, parades and football. Officially, it was proclaimed  in 1789 by George Washington as a day for Americans to come together in gratitude for our many blessings. It was our first president’s hope that this annual day of reflection would boost morale.

In that context, let us review what bankers have to be thankful for. Like all Americans, we should be thankful that we live here in the United States. Despite all of our problems, ours is still the greatest nation ever on earth. Even in these trying economic times, we can be thankful to have survived the past three years. More than 300 U.S. banks did not.

Many of you speak passionately and proudly about your communities, employees, boards of directors, shareholders and customers. I know that you are continually seeking ways to reach out to these various constituencies to thank them for their support and business.

Another blessing to be thankful for is each other. Bankers helping bankers is much of what the IBA provides. With the onslaught of regulations that the Dodd-Frank Act will unleash in the coming months and years, these peer relationships will become even more important. These relationships allow banking professionals a meaningful exchange of ideas to arrive at workable solutions.

While the past three years have been difficult, we remain thankful and proud this Thanksgiving season. You can be proud of your team that helped you to survive through difficult times. You can be proud that your customers are accepting the services that you provide. You can be proud that your community continues to support and embrace your bank and its employees.

From all of us at the IBA, thank you for your support. We are proud, and thankful, to work with you and for you!

One Response to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Dave Geis says:

    Joe and the entire IBA Team:

    With all the prevailing negatives, thanks for focusing on the positives. We bankers are proud of and thankful for the great IBA that supports and serves us so well, day in and day out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all bankers around our state!

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