Super Success

Wow! Indianapolis has completed its joyful task of hosting Super Bowl XLVI, and by all accounts it was a super success. This success did not come by accident. It took years of planning by talented community leaders, ably guided by Allison Melangton, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. Planners and their supporting team of 8,000 volunteers attended to every last detail to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

Coast-to-coast media converged in the Hoosier capitol, broadcasting the latest from the midst of Super Bowl Village. For the citizens of Indiana, Super Bowl XLVI was a 10-day celebration, though most of our New York and Boston visitors arrived within the last four days. Nearly everyone I have talked to within a couple of hours’ drive of Indianapolis came to see Super Bowl Village and/or the NFL Experience.

Some good luck worked in our favor. First, Mother Nature graced us with unseasonably warm temperatures, averaging above 50 degrees—nothing like the freezing temperatures and snow/ice storms that usually befall central Indiana this time of year. Second, the two teams represented on the playing field brought in fans from wealthy cities—New York and Boston—who came ready to spend money in the Heartland. Third, when planners called for 8,000 volunteers, a total of 13,000 stepped forward—though in my mind that abundant support does not reflect luck but, rather, the giving nature of Hoosiers.

I felt a surge of pride, watching this community-transforming event unfold. It was a feeling similar to what I feel every time I attend one of the national banking conventions. Coming soon is the American Bankers Association’s National Conference for Community Bankers in Palm Desert, Calif., Feb. 19-22, and the Independent Community Bankers of America’s Annual Convention and Techworld in Nashville, Tenn., March 11-15. I would strongly urge bankers to attend one of these national events to benefit from quality education, trade shows and banker-to-banker networking … resulting in a transformative experience for your bank and your community.

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. Congratulations to this great city and state for consistently showcasing our Hoosier hospitality. Congratulations to the Super Bowl XLVI champion, the New York Giants. And congratulations to those bankers who will attend one of the forthcoming national conventions, in the interest of moving their banks and communities forward!

One Response to Super Success

  1. Barb says:

    Was so very lucky to be able to go downtown Indy and take part in a few of the festivities leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Food trucks lining Monument Circle, horse drawn carriages sight-seeing with fans, zip lines, nightly concerts…what a celebration! The Super Bowl Committee did us all proud!! Way to go Committee and way to go Indianapolis!

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