Keeping Up With Technology

Last week Tracy Wainscott, IBA’s information technology and facilities manager, and I met with three hand-picked individuals who work with IBA in some capacity related to technology. The purpose of the meeting was to solicit idea-sharing on a regular basis from this IT group, so that IBA can be informed and prepared to serve the best interests of our members.

We are not necessarily looking for sea-changing ideas. Instead we are seeking focused ideas to put into play to make our everyday use of technology more productive. For instance we have discovered business card reader software, available through a simple app, that takes a picture of a business card to capture and download contact information into an iPhone directory, bypassing the need for cumbersome keystroking.

Our goal in working with an IT advisory panel will be to identify pieces of software or apps to simplify and streamline some part of IBA operations. We recognize that we will never be large enough to employ a full-time team to monitor technology trends for us exclusively; forming this panel is a way for us to benefit from the eyes and ears of trusted technology professionals who understand some aspects of what we do and how we do it.

For the IBA, as for all smaller-sized organizations, technology is the great equalizer. Properly used, technology can make a company appear much larger than it really is. While appearance is of little interest to us, we do want to uphold our efficiency and professionalism.

A possible side benefit to these efforts will be finding niche software apps that our members could use. If and when we do discover software that could be helpful to the Indiana banking community, we will communicate those findings immediately. We know how important it is that members, too, are able to maintain or improve their efficiency and professionalism, for the sake of the customers and communities they serve.

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