Ideas Welcomed

At every level of society, there are leaders who rise to the occasion and make things happen. In a neighborhood, there might be a homeowners association, led by a board of directors who get things done. In a small town, the mayor, local bankers and city council members can be counted on to get things done. At the state level, the governor works in concert with the speaker of the House, the Senate pro tem, business leaders, philanthropists, academics, etc. The larger the pool, the greater the need for quality leadership.

In Indiana, Brian Bosma is the speaker of the House of Representatives. When Brian first rose to lead the House Republican caucus in 2000, he spent a couple of years touring the state to determine how to make Indiana the best state in the country for business, family, education and overall quality of life. He talked with many Hoosiers to develop a lengthy list of changes that needed to be made. Likewise Gov. Mitch Daniels met with Hoosiers to create a “to do” list when he first ran for office. Many of the identified needs appeared on the lists of both statesmen.

Brian Bosma asked to speak at last Thursday’s meeting of the Indiana Bankers Association board of directors, and I was happy to oblige. Unlike most politicians, he did not come to ask for money or for votes. He came to ask for help in identifying a new list of improvements for Indiana, since most of the goals of the original list have been accomplished. Speaker Bosma also asked for banker insight into eliminating or changing rules and regulations that are outdated, redundant or that cause more harm than good.

The speaker is continuing to travel the state, visiting with various regional and industry groups. He welcomes big-picture ideas. It may take years to fulfill them, but he wants to get them on the list.

Speaker Bosma and the IBA Government Relations Team have maintained an excellent relationship for more than two decades. Brian is candid in his recognition of the importance of bankers to his process. He knows that bankers are the leaders in every community in Indiana—the ones who get things done. That is why he asks for your feedback on how the Legislature can help move your community and the state forward.

Please send your ideas to me. Your suggestions might focus on education, financing, infrastructure or job creation—there are no barriers. Bankers bring a unique view and valuable input to the process, so please take the time to provide your thoughts. I will collect your ideas and relay them to Speaker Bosma. Together, we can continue the journey to make Indiana the best state in the greatest nation on earth!

2 Responses to Ideas Welcomed

  1. Thanks, Joe, for reaching out to help collect “the list.” Time change is an issue I’d like to see “resolved.” Is there any data supporting whether the time change adjustment has made any economical impact to Indiana businesses? It is certainly frustrating and ridiculous to have daylight at 10:00 p.m.

  2. Mike Cahill says:

    Joe, you were on target with your comments about Brian. How refreshing is it for one of our representatives to go about formulating a new bucket list to go to work on. That shows planning, forethought, and great judgment. It is not a knee-jerk approach.

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