Mega Momentum

This week the Indiana Bankers Association is hosting its annual Mega Conference. Over 1,270 people have registered to participate in this unique event. The IBA created this primarily educational venue in 1993, and it has grown significantly over the past 23 years. This year the event has filled a record 92 booth spaces in the exhibit hall. It is the largest event hosted by a single state bank trade association held in the country. A dozen educational tracks will be held over the two-day educational portion of the conference.

IBA is proud to provide this offering to our member bankers. Most of our banks are community banks, and attendance at Mega represents an opportunity for educational exposure of various levels of management within those institutions. It also provides the chance to visit with those service providers who support the event through purchased booth spaces. It is a rare occasion for both line-level supervisors, in need of a solution, and the individuals who make the buying decisions to jointly observe alternatives.

In today’s fast-paced and overregulated world of banking, the IBA Mega Conference presents an opportunity for bank directors and officers together to learn about changes on the horizon or about new approaches to old problems. It is a cost-effective and efficient way for those smaller banks, in particular, to be exposed to multiple solutions. Our member bankers who attend this event consistently rate it extremely high, year in and year out.

The directors, officer and staff of the IBA take pride in this annual event. Over 100 Indiana banks are represented this year. Many attendees will use the information garnered to cross-train those who were not able to come. Many will use the opportunities gleaned from the exhibit hall to follow up with those companies that offer needed products or services. For years, our valued members have been telling us how important this conference is to them, and it’s truly satisfying to the IBA staff to meet the needs of those we serve. We host some 200 seminars and schools throughout the year and provide about 400 webinars annually, and we carefully survey attendees for feedback on each of these events. It is important that we offer relevant information in a timely manner.

While the regulatory burden thrust upon banks is overwhelming, IBA is pleased to provide a service that is necessary in order for our members to continue to serve their customers and communities. While it is unfortunate that so much of what we provide is compliance-related training, we are grateful to be able to provide it.

As we celebrate IBA’s entrepreneurship in creating this event, we are ever mindful that it is our members ‒ our customers ‒ who are the reason we exist, and we continually seek new and better ways to serve our members. Thank you to all of our member bankers and service providers who are giving momentum to this year’s IBA Mega Conference!

– S. Joe DeHaven


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