Marking Indiana Statehood With a Medal

Medal bronze midsizeThe holidays are quickly approaching, and the Indiana Bankers Association has good news to share. By early December, the IBA will be shipping Indiana  bicentennial medal order kits to all IBA-member banks in Indiana. Since last summer, the IBA has been working with the Indiana Bicentennial Commission on sponsorship of a bicentennial medal, in keeping with a long tradition of past sponsorships.* This means that IBA-member banks will be the exclusive distribution points for official order forms for the Indiana bicentennial medal.

More good news: Minting of the bicentennial medal has begun, and prototypes promise a stunning collector’s keepsake. Designed by an Indiana artist, the medal features iconic Hoosier imagery on the obverse side, with our state seal inscribed on the reverse. The medal will be available in two sizes ‒ a smaller size of 1¾ inch diameter, and a larger size of 3 inches ‒ with both sizes available in antique bronze and limited-edition silver.

Bicentennial medal order kits will include instructions, a price list, order forms, promotional placards and an IBA logo for window display. Note that the IBA will not be sending the actual medals, because the medals themselves are to be processed and distributed by the state of Indiana. Therefore your bank will not be keeping inventory, collecting funds or shipping medals. Also forthcoming is an IBA website page with downloadable images for optional statement stuffers, posters and advertising. Additionally the IBA will provide a link to online ordering through the state of Indiana, which you may make available on your bank website.

It was on Dec. 11, 1816, that Indiana joined the United States of America. This year, as we enter into the excitement of the holidays, let us remember to pause and reflect on our rich blessings. It is a comfort to live and work in this great state, where Hoosiers have rightly earned a reputation for stability, sound principles and warm hospitality. We hope you will join the IBA in celebrating our state’s heritage by helping to make the bicentennial medal available to Hoosiers everywhere.

– S. Joe DeHaven

* One century ago, a young Indiana Bankers Association sponsored a centennial medal in celebration of Indiana statehood. Fifty years later, in 1966, commemorative sesquicentennial medals also were made available through IBA-member banks.

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